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SanDisk Ultra microSDHDC UHS-I 16GB H2testw report

Here’s my H2testw report for the SanDisk Ultra microSDHDC UHS-I 16GB which is a Class 10/UHS-I class micro SD card. The report was run on a Windows 8.1 laptop with a Samsung SSD 840 PRO Series hard disk using the provided micro SD to SD adapter with H2testw 1.4 configured to write and verify the entire contents of the drive.


Here is the H2testw report in plain-text.

Test finished without errors.
You can now delete the test files *.h2w or verify them again.
Writing speed: 14.0 MByte/s
Reading speed: 18.8 MByte/s
H2testw v1.4

[1.1] 3D Robotics Distributor List

As of today there are 40 published 3D Robotics distributors on the list with 7 pending processing. Distributors are filtered by Region, Country (where they do most of their shipping) and Range (what they stock).

In the 1.1 build of the 3D Robotics Distributors list I’ve added:

  • a last modified date to distributor pages as an indicator of how accurate the data is.
  • added total distributors and total distributors per region counts to the ‘per Region’ and ‘3D Robotics Distributors’ page
  • added a site search for 3D Robotics distributors that provide site search that returns a list of matching Products and their price (where supported)

There’s still plenty of 3D Robotics distributors out there that haven’t made it onto the list, if you know one that is missing please submit it!

I’ll be extending the site search feature to search all 3D Robotics distributors and include filters by region. Happy flying!

Registering for PBS – Betalingservice – with Nordea Bank in Denmark

To a non-Danish speaker registering to pay electronics payments from Nordea Bank here in Denmark is a mission, especially when the invoice labels from BetalingsService don’t match the website forms for Privat (Personal banking) accounts at Nordea.

Here’s the correct one-to-one for completing Tilmeld BetalingsService for Privat accounts at Nordea.

  1. Sign in using NemID to Nordea Netbank
  2. Open Betalinger & overførsler > Tilmeld BetalingsService from the left menu
  3. Set the Hæves på dropdown to your preferred account for withdrawal
  4. Set the Kreditor BS nr. field to the PBS nr. mentioned in the bottom-left cut-out of the Betalingservice template; do not use the Kreditornummer og beløbsmodtager
  5. Set the Deb.gr.nr. field to the Deb.gr.nr. mentioned in the bottom-left cut-out of the BetalingService invoice
  6. Set the Kundenummer field to the Lejemålsnummer mentioned in several places on the BetalingService invoice
  7. Hit Send and confirm your acceptance by entering your NemID password

[1.0] 3D Robotics Distributor List

As of today there are 32 published 3D Robotics distributors on the list. This is just the beginning. They are filtered by Region, Country (where they do most of their shipping to) and Range (what they stock).

View Distributors by Map now integrates with Google Maps Javascript API 3 to display location markers from our Distributors database. There’s a Detect Location action to show local distributors to you region and a Full Screen map toggle.

In the next update I’ll be adding 3DR distributors from sources like DroneSpeak and filtering the Parts for each.

Opening a foreign startup in Denmark

Here are some questions that after several years of exposure to Denmark and Europe that I need answers for to a) effectively start a small business based in Denmark, and b) turn a profit. I will update this as I am able to answer each question.

  • What association/resources are available in Denmark to help with questions about starting and operating a small business in Denmark?
  • When opening new business accounts with your local bank what accounts are typically needed (e.g. income, expenses, VAT input, VAT output, etc.)?
  • What reporting is required to SKAT and how often?
  • What is the standard software platform to connect to webshops to expedite business reporting (e.g. MYOB, Xero, etc.)?
  • How is VAT refunded between EU countries?
  • How can moms and/or customs duty be prepaid on purchases from outside the EU?

Update: In October 2015 I left Denmark. Without being able to distribute VAT collected from EU customers I never commenced business operations in Denmark. I will be registering a new business in Germany in March 2017 with the ability to collect and effectively distribute VAT from EU customers.

Here’s what I’ve learnt…

What association/resources are available in Denmark to help with questions about starting and operating a small business in Denmark?

  • Virk Startvækst – Danish start-up resources intended to reduce administrative burdens for businesses.
  • Company registration in Denmark – A small set of videos produced by Virk.dk explaining company registration in English
  • Tax in Denmark – An introduction to the Danish tax system in English produced by SKAT

When opening new business accounts with your local bank what accounts are typically needed

The bank just needs to know your CVR number and will set you up with a simple cheque account. Additional accounts can be linked to your business account opened at any time for income, expenses, VAT collection, etc.

What reporting is required to SKAT and how often?

No idea, find a local accountant who can assist in these matters.

What is the standard software platform to connect to webshops in Denmark?

E-conomic (nice little monopoly there)

How is VAT refunded between EU countries?

You need to register for MOSS (Mini One Stop Shop) via SKAT’s website. It’s aimed at large companies who are able to integrate their e-commerce site into their MOSS platform. Good luck.

How can moms and/or customs duty be prepaid on purchases from outside the EU?

No idea, find a local accountant who can assist in these matters.

KPH-Projects Cheatsheet

What is KPH-Projects?

KPH-Projects is a small business incubator serving Copenhagen, Denmark, the office is located in Vesterbro which is 2km South of København H (Central Station) and accessible by bike, bus (Enghave St.) or train (Sydhavn St. or Dybbølsbro St.).

Residents – be they individuals, small groups through to established organisations – are encouraged to focus on social, cultural and environmental initiatives but it’s a revolving door for laptop nomads, interns/volunteers, start ups and short-term projects.

KPH-Projects Website

KPH-Projects website (kph-projects.dk)

Mailing address

[Insert Name]
c/o KPH-Projects
Enghavevej 80 c. 3 sal.
2450 København Sv

Book a meeting room

Meeting rooms are suited to private meetings and can be booked on an hourly basis via the online booking platform.

Use the online form (http://kph-projects.dk/book-et-lokale/)

Book the T-space

The T-space is the open space near the cafe on the 3rd floor which is an informal space for meetings and laptop nomads with facilities for conferences including projector, whiteboard and PA system.

Send an e-mail to Maria (maria@kph-projects.dk)

Join the public KPH-Projects group on Facebook

KPH-Projects Page

Join the internal KPH-Projects group for active members on Facebook

KPH-Projects Current Group

Facilities on 3rd floor

  • Free internet access via multiple WiFi hotspots
  • Free printing and scanning (printer found in Flex space, scanner is in the 8-4 room)
  • Cafe is open from 10am-3pm weekdays (very cheap and has MobilePay)
  • Full kitchen with stove, oven, microwave and fridges

Prices (accurate as at 01/01/2015)

3rd floor – for start-ups, team projects and small organisations, preferably under 30 y/o’s.

  • Fixed desk – 800,- per month
  • Flex space –  500,- per month
  • Boot space – 350,- per month (limited to short term projects and under 30 y/o)
  • Interns – 200,- per month (includes volunteers)

4th floor – for small business and established organisations, 3rd floor graduates move here after a year on 3rd floor

Speak to the KPH-Projects staff for 4th floor pricing.

Adding Media Keyboard support to Surface Pro 3

The Surface Pro 3’s Type Cover hits the mark for most uses but the lack of native multimedia keys (Next Track, Previous Track) is a sore point that needed addressing. Read on.

Since we can’t bind key combinations in Windows 8 we’ll use the excellent/free AutoHotkey to bind our multimedia key combinations (e.g. CTRL+RIGHT fires the Next Track action).

  1. Download and install AutoHotkey from their home page
  2. Open AutoHotkey
  3. On the first start it will prompt you to generate a first sample AutoHotkey script
  4. Copy and paste the following script into the sample script
    ;next song
    ^Right:: ;the ^ means CTRL
    Send {Media_Next}
    ;previous song
    Send {Media_Prev}
  5. Save the AutoHotkey script file
  6. Close and re-open AutoHotkey to enable the new multimedia key combinations

Adding Retractable Landing Legs to Predator 650

I bit the bullet and purchased the 600-class Quick Release Universal Retractable Gear Set to upgrade from the Crab Leg Landing Gear Set on my Predator 650 build.

Upgrading to a servo-driven landing leg set means the legs can be toggled to raise/lower from a spare channel on the receiver, I envision using this for aerial photography where footage is currently obstructed by the crab legs.

I chose the 600-class retractable gear set as I wanted only a single channel sacrificed on the receiver and didn’t want to run two 450-class sets – which is designed for smaller frames – in parallel.

To mount the retractable gear set to the frame I purchased 4 x Shock absorbing CNC aluminum tube clamp (10mm) which will fit the 10mm rails on the underbelly of the Predator 650 frame. A perk of this particular landing gear set is below the servo bar is ideal space to mount a camera gimbal, this be be done without modification.

I’ll update this post when the item arrives 🙂

[5 days later…]

Retractable landing legs arrived and they’re big! I’m thinking the 450-class set would have been fine, but I have not installed them yet so am still confident I made the right choice. Also the 4 additional tube clamps were unnecessary as the frame includes its own set.

The bulkhead that houses the servo’s has holes punched into it to suit a larger frame, they’re too far apart to be usable with the Predator 650 so I’ve drilled my own holes in line with the underbelly rails of the 650-frame.

Additionally since there’s so much space on either side of the bulkhead I’ll move my battery from the underbelly of the frame –  was strapped behind the 4-in-1 ESC and FPV camera – up onto the bar and install a 2nd 4500mAh 4S battery to balance the weight out.

Connecting external LED’s to Arducopter

Before I shelled out for the dedicated Aircraft Navigation Lamp Set (install guide here) from HobbyKing I wanted to add some basic LED lighting to the motor arms of my X525 build, I still use these LED’s as one displays the Motor Arm status, the other the GPS Lock, that and the dedicated navigation lights don’t talk to Arducopter.

Update: The voltage of the LED strip has to be 5V. Too low, your strip will burn. Too high and it might not turn on (thanks Wei).

Here’s what you need and how to install it.

What you need

Connecting the LED’s to the APM board

If you went out and bought the 3 LED strip’s mentioned above you can connect the LED servo cable’s directly to the APM board’s analog input’s after a quick change of one of the leads to the JR connector.

We can connect these particular LED strip’s directly to the APM board as the LED’s draw less than the maximum permissible current of the AVR chip on the APM of 40mA per input, the LED strips we’re looking at draw 33mA per input.

Update: The current limit is 40mA per pin or 200mA total. Any higher and you risk damage to the APM (thanks Wei).

By moving the positive lead (red cable) over one spot to occupy the signal line APM can power the LED lights on/off when it chooses, left unchanged the LED strip will be connected to the +5V rail and be always on; which looks cool but is useless.

  1. Using a small sharp knife lift up the tab on the positive lead (aka red cable) of the JR connector that holds the pin in place
  2. Pull on the positive lead while the tab is lifted to remove it from the JR connector
  3. Re-insert the positive lead into the space typically used for the signal line (the next available space) of the JR connector
  4. Make sure the tab is down and the positive lead is secured by giving it a pull



We’re not looking at adding buzzer support today but here you can see where the analog input’s go on the APM 1.6 board.

If you’re using the current release of APM then you’re on AC 3.1.5 (Arducopter 3.1.5) and the following will apply, read further for the AC 3.2 changes which will apply when AC 3.2 is officially released.

AC 3.1.5 (today)

  • A4: AUX led
  • A6: GPS – will flash with no GPS lock, solid with GPS lock
  • A7 through A11: Motor LED’s (always on)

AC 3.2 (future)

  • A4 : Motor LED
  • A6 : GPS – will flash with no GPS lock, solid with GPS lock
  • A7: Arming LED
  • A8 through A11: Motor LED’s (always on)

Note: Need to confirm A8 through A11 for AC 3.2 and above as this is not currently documented on External LEDs from Arducopter Wiki.

Connect your LiPo battery and power up your APM board, lights on, enjoy night flying! When you’re ready consider upgrading to the Aircraft Navigation Lamp Set (install guide here) mentioned earlier as you can then add real-world lighting sequences to your build.