Bruce Highway & Uhlmann Road Interchange, QLD (North)

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Live Traffic Camera

Bruce Highway & Uhlmann Road Interchange

Live camera images refresh every 60 seconds, refreshing in 60. Click the above image for the full screen experience.

Recent Snapshots

Timelapse Video

bruce-uhlmann-north-1506011679.jpg bruce-uhlmann-north-1506013480.jpg bruce-uhlmann-north-1506015282.jpg bruce-uhlmann-north-1506017075.jpg bruce-uhlmann-north-1506018880.jpg bruce-uhlmann-north-1506020678.jpg bruce-uhlmann-north-1506022614.jpg bruce-uhlmann-north-1506024295.jpg bruce-uhlmann-north-1506026101.jpg bruce-uhlmann-north-1506027921.jpg bruce-uhlmann-north-1506029721.jpg bruce-uhlmann-north-1506031528.jpg bruce-uhlmann-north-1506033315.jpg bruce-uhlmann-north-1506035132.jpg bruce-uhlmann-north-1506036923.jpg bruce-uhlmann-north-1506038737.jpg bruce-uhlmann-north-1506040525.jpg bruce-uhlmann-north-1506042342.jpg bruce-uhlmann-north-1506044126.jpg bruce-uhlmann-north-1506045817.jpg bruce-uhlmann-north-1506047614.jpg bruce-uhlmann-north-1506049238.jpg bruce-uhlmann-north-1506051924.jpg bruce-uhlmann-north-1506054348.jpg bruce-uhlmann-north-1506055849.jpg bruce-uhlmann-north-1506056793.jpg bruce-uhlmann-north-1506058299.jpg bruce-uhlmann-north-1506059453.jpg bruce-uhlmann-north-1506060966.jpg bruce-uhlmann-north-1506062168.jpg bruce-uhlmann-north-1506063975.jpg bruce-uhlmann-north-1506065187.jpg bruce-uhlmann-north-1506066348.jpg bruce-uhlmann-north-1506067564.jpg bruce-uhlmann-north-1506069064.jpg bruce-uhlmann-north-1506070245.jpg bruce-uhlmann-north-1506071747.jpg bruce-uhlmann-north-1506072960.jpg bruce-uhlmann-north-1506074764.jpg bruce-uhlmann-north-1506075670.jpg bruce-uhlmann-north-1506077149.jpg bruce-uhlmann-north-1506078364.jpg bruce-uhlmann-north-1506080164.jpg bruce-uhlmann-north-1506081068.jpg bruce-uhlmann-north-1506082546.jpg bruce-uhlmann-north-1506083765.jpg bruce-uhlmann-north-1506085267.jpg bruce-uhlmann-north-1506086445.jpg

Camera Summary

This permanent live traffic camera is positioned at Bruce Highway & Uhlmann Road Interchange facing north in the suburb of Burpengary, QLD (4505). It is operational 24/7 and is currently online.

There are 6 known permanent live traffic, weather and surf cameras situated within 5km of this traffic camera in Burpengary, QLD.

Traffic footage from this webcam is updated every minute with footage supplied by Department of Transport and Main Roads Queensland.

Live Traffic Map

Timelapse Shots (48)


Waiting for this live camera's first outage...

Camera Provider

Camera footage is supplied by Department of Transport and Main Roads Queensland, check out their other cameras.

The State of Queensland is recognised as the owner of content provided by the Department of Transport and Main Roads.

Camera Details

  • Status: Online
  • Camera Type: Traffic camera
  • Direction: North
  • Address: Uhlmann Rd, Burpengary East QLD 4505, Australia
  • Suburb: Burpengary
  • Postcode: 4505
  • State: QLD
  • Lat/long: -27.13911057, 152.9779968
  • GPS Coordinates: 27°8'20"S, 152°58'40"E
  • Archives filesize: 32 MB
  • Region: Australia, Bruce Highway, Queensland, Sunshine Coast

Nearby Cameras (6)

The following traffic, weather and surf cameras are located within 5km of this permanent live camera in Burpengary. Images refresh every 60 seconds.

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