Music Videos

This section will allow me to tag published video posts and organise them into easy, browsable listings. I will then extend this feature into a sub-site enabling search, genre cataloging and the ability for registered members to create their own library/playlists or import their existing library from their YouTube favourites.


  1. Able to display a tag-specific listing of YouTube videos within a WordPress Page template.
  2. Site visitors and registered members are able to ‘rate’ content on a 5-star level.


  1. Working towards automated detection of broken/banned/removed YouTube videos with a new comment notifier within the Comments section of the WordPress Administration back-end alerting site authors (e.g. me) to update the broken clips.
  2. Show the highest rated video clips and manually featured items on the front page.
  3. Inclusion of a “Broken link” notifier that allows site visitors to interact without the use of traditional post comments.
  4. Taking a list of YouTube links then generating a playlist for parties or events, available only to registered members or site visitors coming in through landing pages.
  5. Alternate sizing of video clips (currently fixed resolution of WordPress component) from large (default), medium and small. Need to update the variables within WordPress component to allow for this functionality.
  6. Enable context ads within YouTube videos for ad revenue generation, if it’s annoying turn to on-pageĀ  context ads or tag promotions/sponsorship arrangement.