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Windows 10 Print drivers for betahausprinter

Betahaus Hamburg has a community printer on 1 OG called betahausprinter. It is a Toshiba e-Studio 2540C. Finding drivers on Google for it suck. Here are the Windows 10-compatible print drivers for this device.

Note: You cannot link directly to the e-Studio 2540C drivers page on Toshiba’s website so have to start at the Drivers, MSDS & Manuals page and go from there.

Calendar for coworker restrictions

The following Google Calendar is an interim solution for the Betahaus Hamburg community to get a glance of upcoming coworker restrictions. It is maintained and updated by the Betahaus Hamburg staff.

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The above calendar is made up of 2 <iframe> elements so there’s little in the way of customisation outside of what Google Calendar offers.

Coworking space sun tracker

The following lists outdoor working spaces for the sun-kissed and vampires alike.

Roadside space

Current status: Co-working in the sun!

Train side space

Current status: Co-working in the shade.