Traffic & Weather Cameras

Watch live traffic, weather and surf cameras from across Australia.

IP Lookup

Simple current IP lookup, with geo-data.

Screen Resolution Detector

Simple Javascript-based screen resolution and browser window size detector, useful for eye-balling browser dimensions on new devices.

The Unserializer

Convert serialized array or object data into easy-to-read formats.

Space Weather

Current geomagnetic observations monitoring disturbances in the Earth’s magnetic field and its affect on the GPS constellation.

Philips Hue

My dealings with Philips Hue smart home devices including a WordPress Plugin for interacting with Philips hue Lights, Switches and Sensors.

Ding Ding Ding

This tool makes the event of new sales from WooCommerce a tangible experience, through persistent dinging.

3DR Distributors

A list of 3D Robotics distributors/resellers including product range and service range (e.g. US/Canada, Europe/Schengen only, etc.).

Living in Denmark

Living in Germany

Living in Australia