Living in Denmark

Common Danish Digital Resources

Here’s my ‘go to’ list of common Danish digital resources and online tools.

Dansk Moms Import Calculator

This home-brewed calculator hopes to makes a little more sense than what SKAT or other non-government sites currently offer on the real cost of importing products.

Blog posts

  • Idiots guide to the Family Reunification (FA1) visa for Denmark
    Update (09/09/2017): Google seems to think this FA1 visa guide is up there with, goes to show how little relevant visa information is available from Udlændingestyrelsen… 😐 As a non-EU/EAA Citizen with a Danish spouse or cohabiting partner you can apply for a residence permit on the grounds of family reunification. If you have lived together in … Continue reading Living in Denmark
  • Self-employed Non-EU/EEA nationals seeking residence in Denmark
    As of 1 January 2015, non-EU/EEA nationals with self-employed visa’s (AR1) issued by DALRIR (Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration/Styrelsen for International Rekruttering og Integration) are on their way to expulsion or have already left Denmark. Foreigner-owned small businesses with few employees or a large cash turnover are not welcome in Denmark, there are no known minimum … Continue reading Living in Denmark
  • Changing a business address (CVR) in Denmark
    Online startup’s are transient so it’s crucial – in Denmark especially – to keep your business address up to date within the central business register. is the place to visit for non-tax related business activities, e.g. updating/changing your business address. Ændre virksomhed (Changing Address in Dansk)
  • Registering for PBS – Betalingservice – with Nordea Bank in Denmark
    To a non-Danish speaker registering to pay electronics payments from Nordea Bank here in Denmark is a mission, especially when the invoice labels from BetalingsService don’t match the website forms for Privat (Personal banking) accounts at Nordea. Here’s the correct one-to-one for completing Tilmeld BetalingsService for Privat accounts at Nordea. Sign in using NemID to Nordea Netbank Open Betalinger & … Continue reading Living in Denmark
  • Opening a foreign startup in Denmark
    Here are some questions that after several years of exposure to Denmark and Europe that I need answers for to a) effectively start a small business based in Denmark, and b) turn a profit. I will update this as I am able to answer each question. What association/resources are available in Denmark to help with questions about starting and … Continue reading Living in Denmark
  • KPH-Projects Cheatsheet
    What is KPH-Projects? KPH-Projects is a small business incubator serving Copenhagen, Denmark, the office is located in Vesterbro which is 2km South of København H (Central Station) and accessible by bike, bus (Enghave St.) or train (Sydhavn St. or Dybbølsbro St.). Residents – be they individuals, small groups through to established organisations – are encouraged to focus on social, cultural … Continue reading Living in Denmark