[1.2] 3D Robotics Distributor List

As of today there are 42 published 3D Robotics distributors on the list with 2 pending processing. Distributors are filtered by Region, Country (where they do most of their shipping) and Range (what they stock).

In the 1.2 build of the 3D Robotics Distributors list I’ve added:

  • moved the product search within 3D Robotics distributors to the Filter by Region page
  • changed the product search to be AJAX driven to get around CloudFlare timeout issues when live querying a large volume of stores (timeout is now 30 seconds)
  • product search results are sorted by relevance
  • product search results have their currency cleaned up (where possible)

I’ll continue to extend product search to support ordering by price, distance and include the product search element on other pages including the View All 3DR Distributors page and individual 3D Robotics Distributor profile page.

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