Fix waiting for mavlink heartbeats 3DR pixhawk

Fix for “No MAV Data” on MinimOSD-Extra with 3DR Pixhawk

I’ve been battling the “No MAV Data” notice appearing on the MinimOSD video output after powering up my Pixhawk flight controlle, this has happened out of the box and persists after flashing the 4.0.1 MinimOSD-Extra firmware. Here’s the fix.


  • I have a MinimOSD with KV Team Mod.
  • I have the MinimOSD connected to the Telem2 connector (known as SR2), a 3DR 400MHz radio is connected to Telem1 (known as SR1)
  • The MinimOSD board is powering the 5v FPV camera by bridging the UART and video pins.

The fix

  1. Open Mission Planner
  2. Connect to Pixhawk
  3. Open the Config/Tuning tab and expand the Full Parameter Tree
  4. From the Paramater tree expand SR2
  5. Set the following values if blank (or set to 0/zero):

    SR2_EXT_STAT, 2
    SR2_EXTRA1, 10
    SR2_EXTRA2, 10
    SR2_EXTRA3, 2
    SR2_PARAMS, 10
    SR2_RAW_CTRL, 1
    SR2_RAW_SENS, 2
    SR2_RC_CHAN, 2

  6. Click Write Params

That’s it!

Check your MinimOSD video output as this is an immediate change and does not require re-powering your Pixhawk flight controller.

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4 thoughts on “Fix for “No MAV Data” on MinimOSD-Extra with 3DR Pixhawk”

  1. Hello
    we sometimes get no mavlink data during our flight

    do you have any idea why this may happen during the flight
    thank you so much

  2. Hi,

    I have a serious problem… my APM doesnt show the SR_2 branch!!
    Only SR_0 and SR_1 are shown.
    And I have no idea why. Can someone help me with this?

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