German temporary visa extension

Temporary visa extension for foreigners in Germany

As a non-EU Citizen you can apply for a temporary visa extension (up to 3 months) to remain in Germany whilst your residence visa application is being processed, or simply because you want to spend additional time in Germany after your Schengen visa expires (90 days in every 180 days).

Tip: If you are visiting Hamburg, Germany or other EU-member states on a Schengen visitor visa and wish to stay in Germany for an additional 90 days after the end of your Schengen visa consider applying for a temporary visa extension from Welcome Center Hamburg.

You can pick up this short-term visa extension paper without appointment at the Welcome Center Hamburg. Bring your passport and the filled application form Application for the issue / renewal of a residence permit (available from > Application forms), there are also blank applications available from the information desk.

The general requirement for this temporary visa extension is that you have submitted your residence visa application before requesting a temporary visa, this makes sense except where you are yet to submit your residence visa application and need to travel abroad; in this case an extension can be approved in exceptional cases.

Update: You cannot travel outside of Germany, in any circumstance if your temporary visa extension has ‘Gilt nicht für Auslandsreisen’ (Not valid for travel abroad) printed on it. Mine did and because of this applied for a Working-Holiday visa (available to ‘best-friend’ nations of Germany for under 30 year olds) which allows for immediate international travel.

This visa extension doesn’t allow international travel unless stated otherwise so there may be issues at immigration when leaving or returning to Germany when traveling with this visa extension paper, therefore you are discouraged to travel outside of Germany unless absolutely necessary.

Update: See notice above, you cannot re-enter Germany after your Schengen visa has expired with this paper. You could leave Germany a day before your last Shengen visa calendar day and may be able to re-enter on the last calendar day. I’m not putting this one to the test… 😉

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7 thoughts on “Temporary visa extension for foreigners in Germany”

  1. Hi. I am from India. My husband is in Germany on a work permit. I am in Germany currently. I am on a family visit visa. My visa is issued from October 2017 to December 2017. As per my earlier travel itinerary I was supposed to go back to India on November 26 2017. So my visa mentions duration of travel as 47 days. But now I wish to extend my stay in Germany till my visa expires. Can I do it & extend my stay by few days?

    1. Hi Amruta, visit your local immigration office and explain your circumstance, inform them of the date you intend to leave Germany and your reason for extending and they can issue a temporary residence visa up until your date of departure; please note you will be not be able to travel freely around Europe on a temporary visa, it is just for Germany. I recommend bringing a copy of your flight receipt for your departure flight as evidence of your intention to leave at that date, this can only help you when you are explaining your circumstance. Hope this helps! 🙂

  2. Hi my name is agnieszka from poland and my husband from India we are now in husband coming in schengun visa one month .I want to stay permanent with my husband what I do ? Is possible I extand 3month visa in german plz help me

    1. Hi Agnieszka, since you are a Polish national and member of the EU your husband can receive a residence permit for as long as you stay in Germany together. My understanding is he will need a valid visitor visa (Schengen Area) to enter Germany and you will need a registered residential address in Germany, once you are together then go to the immigration office and request a spouse visa. It can be issued on the day! 🙂

      Check the rules for Indian nationals as there are exceptions for some countries, I found a resource with more information:

      Regarding requesting a 3 month extension, you could suggest to the immigration department that you need more time to prepare visa documentation but give the above spouse visa a go first! Again, the visa extension if issued can be made no the spot aswell.

      1. Hi sir or madam , actually we already in german .today we already visit immigration office early morning but they not extand any visa they said for my husband go back country because they have tourist schengen visa .but I do plz help me what I do next

        1. Hi Agnieszka, that sucks! Best advice is to visit another immigration office (preferably one closest to you) and tell them the immigration office you went to wasn’t helping you. Ask for their help!

          They need to explain why your spouse cannot be given a Spouse Visa in writing and in-country. As above, review the resource I provided, it contains alot of information and is worth printing out and taking with you to the immigration office. You should consider contacting an immigration lawyer now; I’ve been in your shoes.

          1. Hi sir or madam , thanku for reply . I have house contract everything and now I m try to find job also . For my husband get this 3 month temporary visa Is possible because I never want to send back my husband.

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