How to download map updates for your 2017 Mazda 3 Maxx

  1. Visit the Mazda Connect update website
  2. Click the Download Mazda Toolbox menu link
  3. Click the Download for Windows button *1
  4. While the download is running click the Register link from the top menu to create a new Mazda Toolkit user account
  5. Open the confirmation e-mail and hit the link to verify your user account
  6. Open the installer once it has completed downloading (~20MB) and run it
  7. Retrieve the SD-card installed in your Mazda 3 from the center console, above the USB ports; it is protected by a rubber holder
  8. Insert the SD-card into your computer and ensure it is detected as a hard drive
  9. Open Mazda Toolbox from your computer
  10. Click Login from the opening screen using the user details entered above
  11. Click Available Updates to check for new map updates
  12. Click Install if a new map update is available
  13. Click Backup to save a backup of the existing map files on the SD-card
  14. Click Updates to load the latest map files onto the SD-card, be patient, this can take awhile…
  15. When the download and transfer is complete hit Exit to close Mazda Toolkit
  16. Remove the SD-card from your computer and re-insert it in the SD-card port of your Mazda 3
  17. Press the Start engine button once to initialize the infotainment system

That’s it! 🙂

*1 If you’re using a Mac then hit the Download for OS X button


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