Moving MitID from your old Android phone to a new phone

NemID makes it so easy to transfer your NemID from phone to phone by scanning the QR code and approving the transfer. It’s not that intuitive with MitID, yet.

(Note: MitID if you are reading this please add an in-app migration tool)

Here’s how to transfer your MitID app from your old Android phone to a new Android phone. This assumes you already have an active MitID account and can receive SMS to confirm the temporary activation code sent to you from MitID.

Logging in to MitID self-service

Jump link to the NemID to MitID migration page, or follow the below steps. The jump link may change over time so I’ve provided the steps. If the jump link works go onto the next section.

  1. Visit the MitID website (in English)
  2. Open the Menu and select Get started with MitID
  3. Under the Create MitID with NemID heading click the Get MitID here button
  4. Hit the Get MitID with NemID button to open the NemID login portal

Generating a new activation code via MitID self-service

  1. Enter your NemID login and approve the NemID request on your phone or by entering your card code to access the MitID
  2. From the Select MitID authenticator screen under MitID app click the Select button
  3. Open the MitID app on your new Android phone
  4. From the Activate your MitID app screen enter your MitID username and new Activation page on the MitID app on your new Android phone
  5. Give the MitID app permission to read your SMS and it will auto-insert the temporary activation code sent to your via SMS

That’s it. You’re good to go with MitID on your new Android phone!

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  1. Thanks Michael, this information should have been accessible from MitID, but if it is, it’s not easily found

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