Introduce yourself

Who are you, what do you do, why are you here?

No one started blogging because they like reading their own content! While you’re here you might as well mention who you are, what you do and how you got here.

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  1. Hey Retief,

    I’m using the free Blog pulishing/Content management system WordPress which is being hosted on a shared server by my buddies at JustHost. This site evolves every week, something new here and there, that’s how the wonderful world of website publishing is. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Intrigued by this awesome design…

    Thought it is pretty awesome. Just starting to learn the basics of website publishing and stuff.

    Meh. I’ll get there some day

  3. Hi Michael, came here from Search Engine land and Chris. I am the CEO of AussieWeb Local Search. I am keen to “connect” so you can understand where we fit in the online business directory business for Australia. We have NO premium listings so it may stretch you a little bit.



  4. Hi Michael,

    I’m Kyle ๐Ÿ˜€

    I currently have a few sites up on the web but only do work when I have some free time.

    I’m looking at doing some freelance SEO work by the end of the year and at the moment I just enjoy browsing all the good forums and blogs out there and testing what I learn.

    Liking your blog, I’ll stick around!


  5. Hi Rob,

    I’ve updated this pages copy to include asking ‘how you got here’.

    Worth mentioning is your sites loading times are over 30 seconds now and counting, it’s having issues at the index.html page; might be worth something.

    Thanks for visiting and the compliments!

  6. Hey Michael,

    Rob from Banff Canada (Rocky Mountains).

    Found your posts on “preferred domain feature google” on Google of course.

    Great info and discussion – thanks!

  7. Thanks for reminding me, it’s in the post frequency queue… ๐Ÿ˜€

    You’re right, there have been some major roll outs recently from Google to their pet blogging platform, I’ll update my account and give it a test-drive.

  8. Hey Michael, bring on a review of Blogger vs. WordPress!

    Wait… that almost sounds like I’m challenging your opinion. I have no idea what WordPress is capable of so I’d love your perspective on the two platforms. Your comment at Top Rank Blog, I think, missed the changes to Blogger since their overhaul.


    By the way, come say hello at
    I’ve been around a while, spent a few years at Yahoo and now manage online marketing for HP

  9. > Wanganui, eh?

    Indeed, I was whisked away to Christchurch during my childhood. What 7-8 years of memories I do have were amazing albeit now a very small town in comparison.

    My father and his father owned and maintained the ‘Riverside poultry farm’ (I’m a little rough on exact name, age…) on the other side of the river to town.

    > No, but itโ€™s sometimes amazing to re-read old entries.

    … and whack yourself for not making sense or fixing those typos after all those years.

    > I came to Star Trek and science fiction media fandom in 1979

    That’s a very long time to still be passionate about a sci-fi, I’m caught between Stargate, Farscape and Firefly at the moment. To narrow it down I’d have to put bets on Firefly though.

  10. Wanganui, eh?

    >No one started blogging because they like reading their own content

    No, but it’s sometimes amazing to re-read old entries. Sometimes they read as if someone else had the experience. little life factoids you thought you’d never forget, and yet here they are, already a fading memory. And yet others remain rock solid in the memory.

    > while youโ€™re here you might mention something about yourself.

    Otherise known as Ian McLean, I came to Star Trek and science fiction media fandom in 1979. I spent over a decade as President of ASTREX, a Sydney-based Star Trek fan club, and started a Batman club when the first Tim Burton movie came along in 1989. A frequent convention attendee in the 80s and 90s, I was often as a panelist or Master of Ceremonies. In fact, I even attended a NZ Star Trek convention in Wanganui, in 1988, as the “fan guest of honour”. Have been on the Internet since 1996, and started blogging last year.

  11. Thanks for dropping by, I’m curious as to which article brought you here.

    Please look out for the email I just sent, let me know when the updated site is viewable.

  12. Hi,

    My name is Dr. Dan Perach, I’m a chiropractor in Israel.

    I am planning to do an imminent redesign of my website, changing from a boring online business card, to a resource for low back pain sufferers.

    In my spare time, half time actually, I am learning and implementing website building… on new blogger, as well as SEM.

    Nice to meet you,

    Dr. Dan

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