Configuring WordPress after installing OpenLiteSpeed on Google Cloud Platform

Bitnami is great, until it comes to updating the stack. I’m now using OpenLiteSpeed which gives me better control over updating the stack without having to regularly migrate to new instances.

Here’s my cheatsheet for setting up OpenLiteSpeed to run WordPress.

  1. Run the openlitespeed-wordpress Marketplace installer
  2. Assign a Static IP from VPC Network > External IP addresses
  3. Turn off DNS routing on Cloudflare for the A record and the www C record
  4. Update the A record to your allocated static external IP address
  5. Connect via Google Cloud SDK Shell with your preferred SSH user
    gcloud beta compute ssh --zone "us-west1-b" "[username]@[instance name]" --project "[project name]"
  6. Complete the OpenLiteSpeed installer with Let’s Encrypt
  7. Turn DNS routing on again in Cloudflare
  8. Add your SSH user to the www-data user group
    sudo usermod -a -G www-data [username]
  9. Run the WordPress installer

That’s it!