How do I update the Sony Ericsson P1i firmware?


How do I update the P1i?


  1. I recommend you perform a full system backup to your computer using the Sony Ericsson PC Suite for Smartphones before updating
  2. Fully charge your Sony Ericsson P1i battery
  3. Download and install the Sony Ericsson Update Service from the Sony Ericsson website
  4. Open the Sony Ericsson Update Service
  5. Press Start
  6. Press Accept to agree to the Terms of use
  7. Select the PDA-looking (with stylus) image
  8. Press Continue
  9. Select P1
  10. Press Continue
  11. Connect the USB cable to your computer
  12. Turn off your Sony Ericsson P1i
  13. Remove and reinsert the Sony Ericsson P1i battery
  14. Press and hold the C button while connecting the USB cable to your Sony Ericsson P1i
  15. Continue holding C button until prompted to release
  16. Press Upgrade

You have now upgraded your Sony Ericsson P1i to the latest release.

113 thoughts on “How do I update the Sony Ericsson P1i firmware?”

  1. hey friends
    i need a help from you please…
    can you give me all the links to download all usable softwares to update
    my phone(sony ericsson p1i)
    .thank you

  2. On my sony ericsson P1i phone, after 3 years of use, since few months, i don’t receive sms; when i turn off and turn ON i receive them; what might be the problem? any solution?

  3. pls i cant find my model in the list of the update service so what should i do to update my sony ericsson p1i pls send me the reply to my email

    1. Because those are probably .EXE files, my guess is that this is the reason why you cant send those files. That is why I suggested that you compress those files first. You can compress them and send them separately or put them all in one folder, then compress it.
      If you have no WinRAR installed, you can download and install Free ARC, and then compress those files in .ARC or .RAR extension. Just do “right click” on the folder or files and you will know what to do, it is that easy… Then you can use any webmail service to send those files, except if the size of those files exceeds maximum allowed size . Sending EXE files, among other extensions that can be used to create viruses, is forbidden by most services, so you have to compress them in one of formats mentioned above…

  4. Dear friends,
    I understand the problem you all have.
    Two years ago, I downloaded some files (from Sony’s site) in case I had to update-reinstall my P1i. These files are :
    1) Sony_ Ericsson_ PC_ Suite_6.011.00_Web_ELL (probably is in Greek language-mother tongue)
    2) Sony_Ericsson_PC_Companion_2.01.217_Web
    3) Update_Service_Setup-
    and “PC Suite for Sony Ericsson 1.6.0 ” that I found in Sony’s site today.
    I believe, that the ” Update_Service_Setup-″ will not work because as you
    said they put P1i in EOL status.
    So, please let me know where – how to send all files to all of you and not to each one separately.
    I will check this page later today.

    Admins kindly requested to advise the easiest – safest way to provide required files.
    Thanks in advance

    1. Hi,

      Depending on the size of those files, you can send them to me (compressed if you can RAR/ARC/ZIP it) and I will create torrent file, later I will drop link here and anyone can download as long as we all share 🙂 There is no need to send files that we all can dl from the web. You can send it, and then we will try, no matter if we solve problems, at least we can try… My mail is

      p.s. If you know how to create torrent, you can upload it to Mininova or other “clean” torrent site, and drop link here. If you have good upload speed, soon other people will have those files and dl speed will grow.

    2. hello friend, please ask help to restore my P1i to stay dead, continuously restarts. flashe it with xs + + but SEUS does not recognize me and the team really want restore the software, if I can help, I really appreciate …

  5. Is there anyone here who got requested file?
    Is there anyone who solved problem with P1i and who can help?
    All I see is people are leaving their e-mails in comments (ideal for spammers), which is not really required for owner of the site, because you already left email while you wrote comment.

    Can anyone let us know how to reinstall software on this phone?

  6. pls i need the ere file very is making is very difficult with their smartphone,i mean updating the p1i phone.

  7. I sent complain letter to Sony, they “kindly” said that this is not up to them and gave me some email to send my letter. I sent it again and I got no response at all. This is a great way to force customers to buy new products. I cant by new smartphone every year or two. P1i has EOL state, so what. Every manufacturer of PC components provide full software support (drivers, BIOS, etc) for every single EOL product.

      1. I don’t know how what makes you think that I have such file, I would not complain to SONY if I had no problems with my phone. I tried every version of software for Sony-Ericsson I could find, when I connected my phone it was not recognized… It turned out that SONY decided to put P1i in EOL (End Of Life) status and they simply disabled all support for that phone, like it never existed. I don’t expect spare parts, customer support, updates or anything that would cost SONY extra, all I expect is that software on my phone can be re-installed so I can use it normally. As I said, most companies are keeping drivers and software for EOL products long time after those products get EOL status, but not SONY, they want that we buy new XPERIA or some other latest model, no matter if our 5-year old phone is working like a charm.

        BTW even Apple provide ipsw-s for any device that was sold, you can use iPhone 1 and 2 like it was released yesterday. This is just an example, I believe that some other mobile phone manufacturers have support for older phone models.

  8. i need the p1i full software update, before i used to update my os from sony ericsson update…. it was use full to me, now the software is been removed from the website… plz put that software back on your website….
    in case any one have the software plz share with needy people
    this is my Mail.ID

  9. Hi. I am stuck too because my P1i is no longer on the list of phones in the current version of SEUS. I tried with installing older version of SEUS, but it updated itself on first run ( I could not prevent update) and I could not get my phone fixed that way too.

    Any ideas, guys? This would mean much to me and some other owners of P1i, if I can get some guidelines or links to the software, it would be great.


  10. i need the p1i full software update, before i used to update my os from sony ericsson update…. it was use full to me, but now the software is been removed from the website… plz put that software back on your website….
    in case any one have the software plz share with needy people
    this is my Mail.ID :

  11. My phone too need an update, can i have too that .rar file.. I have already the update service but my phone model is not on the list P1i..

  12. same problem my p1 keep on restarting.. i have the firmware packed in rar. can somebody give us a tutorial on how to manually flash the phone like in some other sonyericsson phones? like just on a1 and a2 phones please

  13. Hi,

    Any advise on manually loading the firmware into the phone system.? Sony already stop providing updates for the phone. P1i is indeed a great phone to have, but mine is no longer working right now. The phone can be started but it will stop on the sony ericssons logo and it won’t load the system at all. Any help will be much greatly appreciated! ^_^.

      1. Hi, Jasvinder

        I tried to use the software but to no avail it doesn’t work. I was able to download the latest firmware for the P1i and tried to manually install the firmware via the xs++ but it was not successful. I guess the procedure that I went was incorrect. Any advise in properly flashing the P1i’s firmware via the xs++ software?



          1. Hi Xiang,

            do you want it? I can send it to you. But do you have a software that we can use to load the firmware on the phone? We all know that Sony already deleted P1i on their system, in that case we can no longer update our phone’s software through SEUS.

            Any advise?


          2. Thanks jules. i do have 1 suggestion. i think we can use XS++ to flash it i guess? but i really dont understand why must Sony delete p1i from their firmware list

          3. No worries.. Yeah your right we can use XS++ the said program detected my phone but I don’t know how to load the firmware on the phone. I tried different methods but this time problem gets more worst. Phone loads the Sony logo and It will automatically restarts. I have the latest firmware downloaded on my Phone. RJ. something.. I bit this is the latest firmware. Do you still want the firmware?

          4. Xiang, I really don’t have complete information on how to load the firmware. I bit I spoil my phone’s software but I’m assuming I did not. Because Phone is still switching on without any problem. I really dont know why Sony deleted P1i on there list. P1i is indeed a great Phone.

          5. Can u tell me where u downloaded it? mind sharing?
            because i need a singapore firmware. if i succeed in flashing.. then i’ll tell u.. is that okay?

    1. You can donwload the chinese firmware… which is the default one… when you use the update service…
      i have installed the same and phone is working fine… ATLEAST FOR NORMAL USE…

      1. Hi Prateek:

        Thank you so much for your response. I tried to use Sony’s update service software but they already deleted P1i on the list. I can no longer install any software on my phone through the Update Service by Sony. any advise in installing the firmware manually on the phone?.



          1. Hi Prateek, I tried to run the Seus software but there is no such thing as P1c on the list. Can i ask or the software that you are now using?



  14. HI,
    Obviously sony ericcson removed P1i from their update service.
    Is there any option to update my phone now…..
    LAst time when I was checking for update there was an update for me, but have low batery so I didn’ decide to do it… it’s too late…..

    Any idea?

    Regards from Slovenia

  15. i recently downloaded software update for p1i from sony’s official Indian and UK website but it is giving the chinese software (23/06/2011)

    Can anyone help frm whr download software update of indian software

      1. I already downloaded the chinese firmware and phone is working fine but only problem is that it having all the preinstalled software for CHINA people/or which can be use in CHINA only… even on typing the email or sms…sometime it starts with chinese language thn again we have to struggle to choose the english language…
        Can anyboddy help me how to migrate from Chinese P1i firmware to the Indian/UK/US one???

    I did everything like it should be.. there’s just i blue light for 1 second, i press the c button for 5 minutes more and nothing happens, i tried it 100 times.. please help me 🙁

    1. problem is with normal usb cable , use clencing liquid to clean up the socket which usually gets affect due swet or atmosphere around you.

  17. …please help!…i want to update but it don t work …i connect my phote with pc…also i click on update but it says that i have already updated latest firmware….but i want to reinstall it (repair) because when i turn on my phone it light up display and keys but it doesn t work it is just lighting … can somebody help me please???

  18. i have the same problem too. i updated my P1i and it doesn’t successfully updated due to empty battery. i charged the battery and then after that, my phone doesn’t turn on. a dim light from the screen and on the keypad only shows. i tried to start updating again but the update service tells that my phone has the still the latest software. oh crap! why is it still doesn’t start up?

  19. i have the same problem too. i updated my P1i and it doesn’t successfully updated due to empty battery. i charged the battery and then after that, my phone doesn’t turn on. a dim light from the screen and on the keypad only shows. i tried to start updating again but the update service tells that my phone has the still the latest software. oh crap! why is it still doesn’t start up?

      1. Thanks bro for the help..

        additional to my querries, how to upgrade the theme for the P1i to iPhone ‘look alike’..;)

        for example, sliding touch screen..


  20. hi all the c button should be pressed when the 4n is off and before connecting it with your while pressing it while plugging the cable..

  21. hi, plz tell me how much long this whole process should take? i have been pressing the c button for 20-30 minutes now. so much so that my fingers are hurting and i dont see any next option..wat should i do?
    thanks in advance.

  22. Hi sir,
    i am using sony ericsson p1i from past 3years, but in recent days (About a month back from now till today i am facing one problem,
    and i think you are the only one who can give me one solution for this,

    the problem is:

    I have Sony Ericsson P1i mobile handset.
    The problem is i don’t receive SMS, i receive them when I switch it off and turn ON. The problem is not only this. The bigger one is, when I turn it on, it shows a window saying “APPLICATION CLOSED” and with the following details :
    Application Name : WatcherMainThread
    Reason Code : USER
    Reason Number : 11

    Even After I close this window, it pops up every 5 or 10 second.
    It’s very annoying. What to do ???
    Please Help !!!
    Serious answers please sir..!!

    Thanks & Regards.

  23. Hi,

    i’ve been trying to backup my SE P1i for sometime now but it keeps showing me ‘backup cancelled y mobile phone’ after several minutes and even rebooting the phone.

    Pls advise on what next to do.


  24. @srinivasa te same happened to my fone. all u need to do is to get the phone to a specialist that flashes fone and they will help up reinstall the old version of the phone’s firmware…gudluck

  25. Hi,
    Could you please tell me how I could update my mobile (p1i) offline? I mean where could I find an offline uiq3 for my phone? I could not connect to the direct update service of sony ericsson that you mentioned above!!!

  26. I did an update through the sony ericson software udpate service , but my phone does not boot there after, but it gets detected as i connect to my PC.
    I see only lights come up in keyboard and dim light for more activities noticed
    Please help, Any tips and trick would be good.

    Failed options:
    tried long charging to know whether my battery is down, but did not work , also checked the battery is ok with friends phone.

  27. pls help me i updated my sony erisson p1i with the update i downloaded form sony erisson website the update was ok. but there was a problem when i started my phone i was clinking on the screen then i still have to press it 2 or 3 times to access . can anyone pls help me.. pls … GODBless.. pls … thankx so much in advance….

  28. I’ve pressing the key “7” but there isn’t any thing special.. If I look at the Update Service program it saying the same thing..?

    Could somebody please make a video how you must do it.. Because I don’t see it on youtube etc..

  29. Hi hi!

    I don’t understand some thing about the “updating your firmware of P1i”

    Because when I do those steps, I get a blue screen (for 1 sec) ..

    Can you help me then?? Because I really don’t know how you do it..:(

  30. As Asko has mentioned above:
    “the button C on SE P1i is the number 7 key on the numeric key-pad. You see, the letter C is exactly on that key — it sounds weird and confusing compared to SE-s visual illustration, but this is it.”

  31. Ok I got it, it is just the number 7 key. The animation screen on the update software was confusing (suggesting visualli it is some big separate function button somewhere).

  32. Hi Dominique,

    If it’s frozen for more than 10 minutes you’re in big trouble, disconnect the cable, call Sony Ericsson and get to go through flashing steps with you otherwise open a support ticket and send them your phone. Good luck!

  33. hi,
    i did all of the above but the software is “freezing”for about 2 hours now….can i disconnect the phone & try to put it on??????

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