Hobbyking Predator 650 equipment list


Control Board


  • Turnigy Multistar 2814-800Kv 123 (HobbyKing didn’t stock the 2814-800Kv so I pulled the trigger on the smaller 2214-800Kv, not ideal as the motor mounts don’t all line up but close enough, in hindsight should have waited for the 2814-800Kv)
  • NTM 28 Carbon Fibre Motor Mount (as above, used the cross mount from this kit to mount the Turnigy motors with holes 16mm & 19mm to the Predator 650 motors mounts with holes 19mm & 25mm, no motor mount screws are provided so used screws scavenged from previous builds to mount the the cross mount to the motor mounts, if you get the 2814-800Kv motors mentioned above you mount directly onto the motor mounts)

Speed Controllers






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6 thoughts on “Hobbyking Predator 650 equipment list”

    1. Hi Harald, I’ve since scrapped my Predator 650 for parts – took the ESC and FPV gear and used it on a 3DR Iris+ build – so I’m in the process of re-building this. You should run Autotune when in Loiter Mode to set the correct PID and Loiter values for your frame as it depends on motors, weight and COG.

  1. Hello Michael,

    I just bought one of this and while watching your time lapse assembly, I noticed you had, what looked like a PDF with pictures of the steps to assemble this frame. Is there any chance you could share that pictorial instructions file.


    1. Hi dairis, you’ll get it in the air definitely, I didn’t include any connector adapters for the battery. I’m constantly changing parts to see what suits better so this list will continue to evolve. 🙂

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