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[1.1] 3D Robotics Distributor List

As of today there are 40 published 3D Robotics distributors on the list with 7 pending processing. Distributors are filtered by Region, Country (where they do most of their shipping) and Range (what they stock).

In the 1.1 build of the 3D Robotics Distributors list I’ve added:

  • a last modified date to distributor pages as an indicator of how accurate the data is.
  • added total distributors and total distributors per region counts to the ‘per Region’ and ‘3D Robotics Distributors’ page
  • added a site search for 3D Robotics distributors that provide site search that returns a list of matching Products and their price (where supported)

There’s still plenty of 3D Robotics distributors out there that haven’t made it onto the list, if you know one that is missing please submit it!

I’ll be extending the site search feature to search all 3D Robotics distributors and include filters by region. Happy flying!

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