How to apply for betalingsservice with Nordea

Registering for PBS – Betalingservice – with Nordea Bank in Denmark

To a non-Danish speaker registering to pay electronics payments from Nordea Bank here in Denmark is a mission, especially when the invoice labels from BetalingsService don’t match the website forms for Privat (Personal banking) accounts at Nordea.

Here’s the correct one-to-one for completing Tilmeld BetalingsService for Privat accounts at Nordea.

  1. Sign in using NemID to Nordea Netbank
  2. Open Betalinger & overførsler > Tilmeld BetalingsService from the left menu
  3. Set the Hæves på dropdown to your preferred account for withdrawal
  4. Set the Kreditor BS nr. field to the PBS nr. mentioned in the bottom-left cut-out of the Betalingservice template; do not use the Kreditornummer og beløbsmodtager
  5. Set the field to the mentioned in the bottom-left cut-out of the BetalingService invoice
  6. Set the Kundenummer field to the Lejemålsnummer mentioned in several places on the BetalingService invoice
  7. Hit Send and confirm your acceptance by entering your NemID password

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