Hiding the Filezilla “Transfer Complete” notification in Windows 10

Here’s how to hide FileZilla’s pesky “Transfer complete” notification that appears after each file upload/download on Windows 10. I assumed you could toggle it off within FileZilla itself but it didn’t stick.

  1. Right click the Windows taskbar
  2. Select Properties to open the Taskbar and Start Menu Properties dialog 
  3. Beside Notification area click the Customise… button to open the Settings > System > Notifications  & actions panel
  4. Scroll down to application entries under the Show notifications from these apps
  5. Beside FileZilla hit the toggler

That’s it!

I put up with this way too long before I did anything about it!

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3 thoughts on “Hiding the Filezilla “Transfer Complete” notification in Windows 10”

  1. Windows 10 settings have changed and there’s no longer a “properties” for the taskbar. And I couldn’t find a way to customize notifications.

    I did find a hidden setting in FileZilla to suppress the notifications. In the file transfer queue, right click > action after queue completion > show notification bubble (change to none)

    1. – Click the notification button at the right of the taskbar,
      – click on “manage notifications” on top of the notification window,
      – On the “notifications and actions” windows, under “get notifications from these senders”, switch off Filezilla

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